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Entwinded Landscape Design

This website served the companies needs and desires for an online business card presence. Working very closely with the owners of this landscaping business helped put their ideas and dreams into a website that not only is appealing but is what they want to represent their company.


Quick website for selling Light Bulb kits for classis American cars. This was a quick project for Jacksons Auto Parts in West Duluth in time for the holiday season. It is now being redone to include 4 other types of kits without a holiday theme. Website utilizes a quick PayPal shopping cart and small form to transmit the vehicle information with the payment.

".... ... ..."

Spirit Lake Sports

This website was built for Spirit Lake Sports, a now non-existent company. The template was built in Dreamweaver with the php code added later. There is both the front end of the site and a back end for administration purposes. MySQL / DW / PHP

"Demo Version of the site as the company closed in 2012"


RetroCade is a personal hobby company of mine. From design, manufacturing, assembling and programming with multiple machine types. This site was created for my HTML/CSS first semester final project. No PHP or Javascript was used so this is primarily a visual experience

"The Home Arcade Experience"

West Duluth Market Place

This website was created as a community site for the West Duluth Area. Main features will be showcasing local companies and talented artists and musicians. Site is void of any advertising as the inidividal companies listed are all paying sponsors of the site. MySQL / jQuery / PHP

"Tenative Launch by July 1st 2013"

Need a web presence for your company? Have a site that needs work or even just some updating maintence? Please send me a message with details.

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